Socialite Thursdays/3rd Thursdays Collaboration

If you were at yesterday's Greatest Minds meeting on nightlife for Black Bostonians then you already know that a) there are A LOT of promoters in this city trying to make things happen and b) sometimes a bunch of these folks will collaborate to bring you an extra special good time.

J. Francois & K. Pritty have been putting on a number of events in Boston including Socialite Thursdays. This week, the night will also be hosted by First Fridays United & Upper Echelon's Steve Anglin & Sekou Dilday, adding their many years in the nightlife game to the mix.

I've been to Socialite Thursdays a few times now and it's a nice spot to people watch, get a table to lounge with friends and do a little networking. If you really want to get your dance on, you might want practice your salsa moves over at Ryles in Cambridge. Socialiate Thursdays tends to draw a primarily early-mid 20s crowd, but perhaps the inclusion of 3rd Thursdays will bring out more late 20s-30 somethings.

So check it out:

@ District Lounge
180 Lincoln St.
Boston, MA
(one block from South Station)

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

5:00PM TO 10PM- chill vibe/networking

10PM to 2AM - lounge out/two-step

Proper dress - Business casual/tasteful jeans

No Cover - RSVP

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