Every year I miss this conference and every year I say I'm definitely going to make the next one. This year's program looks excellent and the theme covers some important issues, questions and topics:

"Crossing Borders: Exploring Local and Global Perspectives on Race, Inequality and Education

The conference is born from our desire and the urgency to create a dialogue between domestic and international approaches to social justice and education.

This year's conference has two purposes: First, it will cross geographic borders to explore the commonalities and diversity among groups that have been historically under-represented or discriminated against by educational systems in the US and beyond. Secondly, the conference will cross racial, cultural, language, gender, and class borders among and within communities of color to learn about the many perspectives and identities that make up these communities.

Underlying this dialogue is the idea that to cross boundaries in search of understanding is not to give up those characteristics that make groups and individuals unique. It is our hope that crossing borders will simultaneously strengthen group identities and build bridges across communities of color in the US and abroad. We believe it is possible to create a world in which equality, community, freedom and dialogue are the main drivers of a common human endeavor."


One love to all my HGSE peoples.

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