East Meets Words meets Payal.

East Meets Words
Asian American (API*) Open Mic Series - second Friday of every month

Hosted by Boston Progress Arts Collective
http://www.bostonprogress.org :: collective@bostonprogress.org

8PM, Friday, February 12
@ East Meets West Bookstore
934 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Suggested minimum $3 donation :: All ages welcome :: Come early to sign up for the open mic

This month's feature: Payal Sharma

Payal Sharma is a youth worker dancing crazy moves through the world, in truth love and light: REBEL WITH A CAUSE! She has been doing high school youth work, programming, and leadership development for over 7 years and has loved every minute of it.

Aside from her work, Payal is a 1st-generation South Asian-American, proud of her Indian/Desi roots. She thrives on dance and anything else the world offers her – give her a beat, and she’ll be moving. This is her first feature, but she's been in a committed relationship with pen and paper for years.

Payal truly loves life, and her community is insanely important to her. She surrounds herself with people who look to change this world for the better and won't settle for less. If you meet her, you’ll know that Payal moves through this world with love-dipped, love-tipped, love-stained fingers, touching everything in her path and leaving lasting marks.

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