Get your grub while you get in gear...

I am SOOOOOO amped about this!  First of all, just about anything free is cool with me, but something free that I really need, located someplace I was planning to go anyway? That rocks my world.  Enter The Food Project and Bikes Not Bombs with the mind-blowing tag-team Dudley domination! Ok, that was slightly over-exaggerated, but I'm really excited. 

Bikes Not Bombs and the Boston Cyclists Union have teamed up to offer FREE bike tune-ups at local farmer's markets across the city.  First of all, if you don't know about these amazing organizations, please click the links, because they are doing fantastic work.  Both The Food Project and Bikes Not Bombs provide practical training skills to young people from around the city, which provides yet another reason to support such a great effort.  Second, this is a great chance to cut your carbon footprint.  Locally grown, fresh and in some cases organic produce + biking instead of driving = lower carbon emissions for the win!  The fact that today's farmer's market/bike tune-up day is around the way (Dudley Town Common - intersection of Dudley St. and Blue Hill Ave.) is an added bonus.

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