TRON Transformed

I am LOVING the fashion, hair, make-up, styling and overall look of TRON: Legacy!! It's sleek, retro/futuristic flair is a perfect accompaniment to the film and is sure to be an influence everywhere from runways to round the way. The LA Times Blog has a great article about the costumes and fashions from the 2010 update to the TRON franchise. The costume designers did an excellent job putting together a unique look for the film that also held true to the original (somebody get me those shoes the sirens were rocking!!!!!! Oh, and the umbrella too!). It was also nice to see Ya Ya from Top Model making an appearance as a sleek Siren. 

Overall, I loved the film (the IMAX experience is well worth a few extra dollars to get the full experience of the amazing visuals and music from Daft Punk). Now I just have to get a copy of the new game, TRON: Evolution for PS3. It looks "far out" man.

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