On February 28, 1984 Michael Jackson won an incredible 8 Grammy awards. That is a feat in and of itself, but check out this video above with the nominees for Best Pop Vocal Performance (Male). These are some of the illest songs of all time! The competition was fierce in this category. It's too bad that music has largely taken a turn for the worse. This year's nominees paled in comparison to those from 1984 (yeah, I see you Bieberheads. Your boy is no MJ). I miss Michael Jackson, but am still inspired by his talents and accomplishments.

So that concludes the Today in Black History posts (for this year anyway). Some went up late (like today), but I got them up and I've learned a lot. I hope someone else has too. I'm about to start a new series of posts on March 2nd though, so stay tuned...

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