roxbury film festival 2008

the roxbury film festival is an annual event for filmmakers to showcase their talents. each year the festival draws some of the most innovative films and incredible national talent (ruby dee and robert townsend this year y'all!) and is a celebration of the diverse and rich perspectives of people of color.

there are some really promising films in this year's lineup. some of my personal picks are:


The Night James Brown Saved Boston - Friday, 5:30pm @ Wentworth
"Focuses on a little known but pivotal event that followed the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leef and his team tell the story of how James Brown - one of the greatest, most popular and influential artists of the 25th century - faced the crucible moment of his life and career and became an American hero."

If you don't know about the story of this James Brown performance then you're missing out on a piece of Boston's history and of music legend.

Jellysmoke (dinner & movie w/ Michael Ealy) - Friday, 7pm @ Haley House
"After his latest stay in a psychiatric facility, Jacob (Michael Ealy) struggles to prevent his mental health from spiraling out of control, as his manic episodes become increasingly psychotic."

Delicious Haley House food. Micheal Ealy. You can't go wrong.


Africa Unite - Saturday, 3pm @ MFA
"Africa Unite
is a singular and masterfully executed film by Stephanie Black that is at once concert tribute, Marley family travelogue, and humanitarian documentary, igniting the screen with the spirit of world-renowned reggae icon Bob Marley in its every frame. In commemoration of Bob's 60th birthday, Africa Unite is centered on the Marleys first-time-ever family trip to Ethiopia in 2005. Includes rare footage of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley.

Of Boys & Men
- Saturday, 6pm @ Northeastern
"Robert Townsend stars as the patriarch of a family devastated when his wife is killed in a senseless auto accident. Reeling with grief, each family member must find courage and vision to carry on, ultimately eager to do the mother proud."

Sister's Keeper -
Saturday, 8pm @ Northeastern
"Sister's Keeper
is an action-drama about a military-trained assassin, Jacob Tate, who has been sent by his handler to eliminate a small-town, school teacher, Diane Shaw. Diane mistakes Jacob for her long-lost brother and he finds himself drawn to her colorful, Southern family.

Action/drama where the target is a school teacher. I'm there.
Also, local favorite Jibril Haynes will have a short film screened before Sister's Keeper called Your Daughter's First Date. I'm guessing it's a horror film for parents of teenagers.


Pray the Devil Back to Hell
- Sunday, 12pm @ Wentworth
"Pray the Devil Back to Hell
recounts the experience of a group of Liberian women who came together to bring peace to their country after years of conflict. (Screening partner Coolidge Corner Theater)

Welcome to the Terrordome
- Sunday, 2:30pm @ Wentworth
"Chronicles the 20 year career of rap band Public Enemy and their impact on the music world. Known for their ability of weave serious messages of activism and societal ills into their music, two decades later, this controversial group of the 80s is still going strong."

There are so many other films in the lineup that really look like they're worth seeing, particularly the Youth Produced/Focused films screening at the Roxbury Center for the Arts @ Hibernian Hall on Saturday starting at 2pm. For a full listing of all films being screened, check the

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