aquapocolypse now

Ummmmm...yeah, so apparently I'm psychic. I mean, who would have thought when I made that last post just the other about the need for access to clean water that I would be predicting things to come in the Bean. At any rate, I hope that everyone is fairing well in "aquapocolypse." By the way, whoever coined that term might want to check out the links in my previous post to see what not having access to clean water is really like. This, my friends, is a mere drop in the bucket (see what I did there with the pun?!) While we may not be suffering at developing nation levels, I know a lot of folks are having a tough time, especially people with young children and the elderly. Our friends at Dunkin Donuts feel your pain too, and so to help ease your water woes, tomorrow they're hooking you up with a free caffeine fix!

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