(Re)Fashioning Boston

It's no secret that Boston is home to some of the greatest talent and creativity in the world. With more colleges and universities per capita than anyplace else on earth, with a plethora of museums and galleries and with an eclectic mix of historical and contemporary architecture, it's no wonder that Boston has been the birthplace of incredible creativity. 

How is it then, that this city is known as an intellectual capital, it isn't known as a fashion capital? Let's not discuss the fact that GQ named Boston the worst-dressed city in the country (we'll save that topic for another day). Whether or not the average Bostonian knows how to put together a chic ensemble, the Bean is in fact home to some fantastic art, design and fashion schools, as well as a ton of raw undiscovered talent, making me wonder why we have yet to secure a solid spot on the fashion map. I tip my hat to the founders of Boston Fashion Week for attempting to shine a spotlight on the design talents of our city. 

That said, a few local designers have certainly made an impression on me over the years:

House of Nahdra
Selahdor by David Chum (Project Runway Season 9 contestant)

Kréyol - Joelle Fontaine
So, who are your favorite local designers? Whose designs would you like to see on the catwalks of Boston Fashion Week this year?

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