Town Halls for Trayvon

There are more local events in support of Trayvon Martin coming up. Check the flyer above for details on the April 6th Community Town Hall Forum at Hibernian Hall in Dudley Sq. It's cool that they already have some specific ACTION items outlined for this event, so that it won't simply be the choir standing around singing to itself. 

There is also going to be a community dialogue at the Worcester Public Library sponsored by Press Pass TV (a really cool local org to check out if you haven't already) on April 3rd:

Press Pass TV hosts a community forum and dialogue about the image of young men of color in our news and media. Facilitators community members dismantle the myth of the "superpredator" and address the consequences of these persistent media narratives that Black and Latino boys are dangerous, violent and out of control. What can we do to change the media so that it reflects the whole scope of our humanity so that every one of our children can walk down their street without being seen as "suspicious?" Find out how to get involved in the Respect in Reporting campaign and take action and brainstorm with your neighbors how we can start here in Worcester.
If anyone knows about any other local events related to the Trayvon Martin case, please leave the details in the comments, email me, or dm me on twitter, so that I can share the 411.

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