Sunday is for Sneakerheads

Surrounded by sneakers on a Sunday afternoon. While I tend to represent Boston's oldschool *throws threes up*, and don't really rock Nikes like that, this Dunks event still looks like a fun way to start off the best month of the year. ;)

The Villa Victoria Center for the Arts is the perfect venue, spacious and located right in the heart of Boston's South End. I participated in another sneaker event there awhile back, where I had a pair of original, mint-condition Jordan's on display. This was basically the only way you'll catch me repping Nike. If you check my St. Patty's Day post, you'll see that I am an ADIDAS and Converse (sometimes Puma or Saucony and even more rarely, New Balance) girl to the core. 

If you don't find what you're looking for at DXC, you can also walk down the block to shop at Laced, or go a bit further into Back Bay for the epic experience that is Bodega. Happy sneaker hunting!

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