A Fashionable Farewell

When I was a pre-teen, my mother used to take me shopping on Newbury Street now and again, helping to nurture my love of fashion. One of our favorite stops was always the Betsey Johnson store. Bright pink, unique and girly with strength and edge, we always enjoyed browsing the iconic looks and innovative designs of both the clothing, and of the store itself. These trips were the first thing that I thought of when I learned that Betsey Johnson had filed for bankruptcy. The second thing I thought of was cartwheels.

Sadly, Betsey Johnson stores across the country will be closing, including all of the Massachusetts stores and my beloved Newbury Street location. My mom and I will be making one last trip there this afternoon to reminisce and to check out the sales, which begin today (at all stores in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. I believe). While I probably won't give in to temptation and do a cartwheel in front of the store, and I am sad to see the end of place filled with fun memories, I am looking forward to another girls' day there with my mom and to checking out the incredible discounts from one of my favorite designers.

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