Get Your Dance on Day

Dance Complex image from: www.kenreeves.org

This Sunday, the Dance Complex in Cambridge is hosting one of their periodic open houses, where they offer free 20-minute mini dance classes all afternoon. It's a great chance to check out a potential new class, or just get some free, fun exercise. Many of the teachers are incredible, world renowned dancers, such as the legendary Ramon de los Reyes, Founder and Artistic Director of the Spanish Dance Theater, Inc., and patriarch of an incredible family of dancers. Learning flamenco from him is truly learning from one of the greats!

Check out the schedule for the upcoming open house:

1:00-5:00pm on Sunday, May 6, 2012.
1:00 Ramon de los Reyes  Flamenco
1:20 AnaLinda Tango
1:40 Matei Livianu Salsa
2:00 Matei Livianu Bachata
2:20 Wendy Jehlen Modern
2:40 Sheila Eghbali Iranian Dance
3:00 Rozann Kraus Easy Modern
3:20 Rachel Werkman Samba
3:45 Carolisa Belly Dance & Zumba
4:10 Julianne Corey Nia
4:35 Christina Harrington Tap


  1. That's a serious open house. Only things like this I've seen around here recently would feature one or two styles at a time, at most. No denying I haven't looked hard enough, though. But still, dope.

    1. Yup! It's serious business. They do it a few times a year as well, which is extra dope. I'm betting there's SOMEPLACE in your area that offers something similar. I'll holler if I hear of anything.

  2. I would go to each and every one of the taster classes regardless of how tired I was afterwards! OK, OK, maybe if I was way too tired, I'd sit down and watch. But I'd want to be part of every one of them somehow. The Flamenco, Samba and Tap jumped right out at me :-)

    1. I attempted this one year during a Dance Complex open house. I think I made it until about 3:45PM and then had to watch the rest. Lol. Luckily, the classes all take place in the building's main studio, which is also used as a small theater, so it has seats built in!


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