BeanStreets #2: St. Patty's Day Edition

St. Patrick's Day is always a festive time in Boston. These are just a few quick snapshots of some of the ways people wore green on the streets of Southie in celebration of St. Patty. I didn't get any shots of my outfit this year, but it was basically a huge coat (it was freezing!!) and the same green Chuck's I rocked last year.


BeanStreets #1

Rumor has it that Bostonians have no style, that the fashion here is non-existent, or is dominated by Ugg and sweat pant clad college students. I beg to differ. Let's let the pictures speak for themselves though. From time to time, I'll put up a street style picture or two to demonstrate Boston's abundant flyness. For the first edition of "BeanStreets," I decided to share a picture I snapped back in the fall, featuring a young brotha in Franklin Park whose casual cool caught my eye. The combo of the camo backpack with the plaid shirt and fedora is fly without trying. Now that the snow is starting to melt, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this kind of effortless style.


Tightly Laced Kicks 2012

Some of the freshness on display
Even the laces were off the chain
Mr. Small Change himself rockin' penny flavored kicks and a snapback straight from the Motherland
Young sneakerhead in training
Tightly Laced Kicks is an annual sneaker collector's exhibit, graffiti art showcase and Hip Hop jam held in Boston at the Villa Victoria. This year I trooped out (in the midst of a random monsoon rainstorm) to check out the work some of my favorite artists and friends. It was a cool event featuring some incredible artwork, great music, free goodies from Vitaminwater and PopChips (I tried their super sweet/salty sweet potato chips for the first time) and lots of cool vendors. I left feeling uplifted and like I absolutely NEEDED to have some hand-painted Transformers kicks in my life.    

All photos copyright 2012 © Nuri Chandler-Smith. These images are NOT to be used or reproduced unless written permission has been given. To request permission please email: beantownbrown617@gmail.com
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